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Generazione Energy Management (ENEL), Italy


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ENEL SpA - Divisione Generazione e Energy Management

ENEL S.p.a. is the main Italian power utility and actually manages in Italy more than 550 production plants, 500 of which are hydropower plants which provide more than 75% of the total electric energy from renewable sources, with a production greater than 30 TWh (50% of the national production). More than 200 hydropower plants are located within the Po river basin, with an installed "green" power of about 3000 MW, and their production is strictly related to the management of about 100 reservoirs. This easily explains ENEL’s interest in the field of meteorological and hydrological modelling, as well in the prediction of extreme events and the analysys of the impacts of climate change on the hydro resource.
Dott. Giorgio Galeati graduated in October 1978 in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic area, Polytechnic of Turin, with full marks (110/110). Member of the Italian Hydrotechnical Association, of the National Group for the Defence from the Hydrogeologic Catastrophes and of the ICOLD European Working Group "Floods". In ENEL S.p.a. since 1979 as Technician expert in Hydrology and Hydrometry at the Center for Hydraulic and Structural Research, Direction for Studies and Research; from 1997 in strength to the Production Division, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrologic Unit where he is actually the responsible of the analysis of the hydrologic-hydraulic risk of ENEL’s dams (evaluation of the design flood and of the impact of different management policies of the discharging outlets) with application to more than 150 dams located all over Italy. 1987-2001 in charge as a Contract Professor with teaching responsability in the Course of Numerical Methods for Engineers, University of Padua; 1999-2000 in charge as a Contract Professor with teaching responsability in the Course of Hydraulic Constructions for Civil Engineers, University of Brescia. The high quality of the specialistic and scientific activity has been documented in over 60 scientific publications on the most qualified national and international specialistic journals and in over 200 technical relationships.