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Agroscope ART, Zurich, Switzerland


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Agroscope ART, Zurich, Switzerland

Agroscope ART is the Swiss national competence centre for agro-ecology under the Federal Office of Agriculture. ART conducts research into environmentally compatible and economically competitive farming systems in a diverse rural landscape by combing ecology, economics and agricultural engineering. With climate change impacts in agriculture as a key area, ART plays an important role in Swiss climate research.

Expertise at ART is in agronomy, agricultural technology and economics, plant breeding, bi-technology, and eco-controlling. Research involves both experimentation and modelling with mechanistic crop and grassland models. Previously, models have been used in combination with high-resolution weather data and climate scenarios to assess the climate sensitivity of agricultural systems under different land management options, to spatially assess the changes in production potentials and constraints, and to estimate production risks. In this project, ART will be in charge of estimating agricultural potentials, risks and resource use in mountain catchments, and with the evaluation of agricultural policy options.

Jürg Fuhrer is a biologist and research group leader, honorary professor at the University of Bern, member of the Core Group of the Swiss NCCR Climate, and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. His expertise is on impacts of climate change, and air pollution on agro-ecosystems, and on greenhouse gas emission from agriculture. He is leading the work package 3.2.3 on impacts of climate change on mountain agriculture.

Pierluigi Calanca is a climatologist and senior scientist at ART. His expertise is on agro-meteorology, energy balance, and traces gas fluxes in agro-ecosystems, and dynamic modelling of ecosystem processes and crop and pasture productivity. He maintains the Pasture Simulation Model developed at ART. He will be in charge of data analysis and modelling of climate change impacts on agricultural systems in work package 3.2.3.