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Gran Paradiso National Park (PNGP), Italy


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Gran Paradiso National Park

The Gran Paradiso National Park (PNGP), located in in the north-western Italian Alps, was founded in 1922 from a previous Royal hunting reserve and is therefore the oldest Italian national park.

The PNGP is responsible for the conservation of 720 Km2 of alpine environments between 800 and 4061 m above sea level. The PNGP has a long tradition in promoting and carrying out scientific research applied to conservation both within and outside its borders. The “Alpine Wildlife Research Centre” is the research centre of the PNGP in charge of coordinating and carrying out researches on the ecology and conservation of animal biodiversity in the park.

The scientist-in-charge for this project is Dr. Achaz von Hardenberg, who is the in-house biologist of the PNGP. Dr. von Hardenberg is in charge of various research programmes on alpine wildlife in the PNGP on topics ranging from population dynamics and life history to molecular ecology and biodiversity monitoring. In 2006 he started and coordinated a research program on high altitude lake ecosystems in the Park investigating in particular the effects of introduced exotic fish on biodiversity.