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Gender Action Plan

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All FP 7 projects are required to have a Gender Action Plan (GAP). This reflects the European Comissions’s desire to promote gender equality as a mainstream issue. These pages are to support gender actions in the ACQWA project, specifically to:

1.Report annually on actions promoting gender equality which have been performed at the project level, and on the rates of male/female participation at all levels of the project. The Annual Gender Action Plan Report is also intended to provide a critical assessment of the monitoring statistics provided by partners, with recommendations for action, where appropriate.

2.Provide practical information on recruitment procedures, networks, good practice, etc. and other gender related activities for the ACQWA partners.

3.Provide links to other projects/international organizations related to gender action aspects.


ACQWA Gender Action Committee 2008-2009

Michelle Bollschweiler (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Jürg Luterbacher (University of Giessen, Germany)

Francesca Pellicciotti (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)


Upcoming activities

Survey on the gender distribution of participants in the ACQWA project (summer 09).



Women in science


Climate and Gender sites

  • Gena-net to raise awareness of gender equity in environment and sustainability policy and to integrate it into research, to implement gender mainstreaming in environmental policymaking and into the activities of environmental organisations
  • ENERGIA: International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy
  • WECF: Women in Europe for a Common Future
  • WEDO: Women’s Environment and Development Organization
  • WMO Reports on activities organized by WMO & Resolutions on Participation of women in meteorology and operational hydrology.
  • Tiempo Newswatch