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The University of Birmingham (Bham) is one of the leading research-based universities in the UK. In the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, Bham was ranked fifth in the UK based upon the number of departments with the maximum possible (5/5*) grading.


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School of Geography

The School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences (GEES) is one of the largest and most dynamic schools in the UK. GEES’ international reputation for research was reflected in the 4 rating achieved in the 2001 assessment of UK universities research activity. The School’s inter-disciplinary research focus brings together a diversity of science and social science approaches from +80 staff. Within GEES, the Hydro-ecology Research Group undertakes state-of-the-art research upon hydrological-ecological process interactions. A major research focus of Group is assessment of the impact of hydro-climatological variability upon ecosystem structure and functioning, particularly in mountainous environments.

The team have considerable experience of working together and in vulnerable mountain and other cold environments including: UK, Pyrénées, Nepal, Greenland, Alaska, Lappland, and New Zealand.

Dr. David M. Hannah has research interests in: (a) hydro-climatological processes in mountain river basins; (b) energy budgets and thermal behaviour of rivers; and (c) climatic sensitivity of river flow regimes. He has a strong cross-cutting interest in hydro-ecology. He has published extensively; and combines field-based, statistical and simulation methodologies in his research.

Dr. Alexander Milner is Head of the Hydro-ecology Research Group and he has a long history of riverine research in mountain environments in many different environments globally. He has specific expertise (and has published widely) upon glacier-fed river system ecology. Dr. Lee Brown has published on riverine systems in alpine environments and together with Drs Hannah and Milner has developed novel techniques for examining changes in alpine river water source contributions and ecology under climate change scenarios.