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WP1 Description of work

The coordination of the project will be carried out by the University of Geneva and will conform to the rules and obligations imposed by the European Commission for all FP7 Large-Scale Integrated Projects.

Task 1.1: Kick-off meeting

A first scoping meeting will be organized at the start of the project with all partners and the scientists who will work on the project.

Task 1.2: General Assembly meetings

General assembly meetings will be held once a year and will be aimed at an overview of progress in research in the preceding year, and with a view at preparing the annual reporting.

Task 1.3: Management Board meetings

The ACQWA Management Board will meet twice a year. One of the meetings will coincide with the annual General Assemblies.

Task 1.4: Reporting

Reporting will take place according to the guidelines as stipulated by the Commission. A short, summary-type report will be provided each 6 months, and the full annual report will intervene at the end of each year of activity.