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WP3 Deliverables

D.Science.1b: Quantification of heavy precipitation events in the Alpine region and related atmospheric circulation under changing climatic conditions

D.Science.7: Climate change and regional hydrologic response

D.Science.8: Glacier response to climate change

D.Science.4: Hydrologic-biosphere models for climate change impact analysis 

D.Science.3c: Coupling of CHYM and RCM models

D.Science.3d: Developing and testing of CHYM Module for melting parameterization

Milestone 3.7: Error correction and downscaling of Regional Climate Model results

D.Science.1.4: Uncertainty of Regional Climate Model Simulations in the Alpine Region

D.Science.1a: Alpine and local scale RCM simulations

D.Science 12.1: The future of hydroelectric power in a changing market

D.Science.5: Climate change impact on geomorphologic hazards