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University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU)


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University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

Founded in 1872, the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien / University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, known too by its acronym "BOKU", now comprises 14 departments and four service centres in Vienna, as well as a number of experimental centres around Vienna.

The university is attended by approx. 6000 students, provides study courses at the bachelor, masters and doctoral levels, has approx. 1.300 permanent staff who are engaged in teaching and research, a broad range of external lecturers, and some 460 persons working in services and administration.

The university sees itself as a teaching and research institution that focuses on renewable resources that are a prerequisite for human existence. The relationships between man, society and the environment form the basis of all activities at BOKU, and its foremost aim is to make decisive contributions to securing the well-being of future generations. In this endeavour, it will seek ways of ensuring a sustainable and environmentally sound management of natural resources by allying the competences of the natural, engineering, economic and social sciences.

Research at the Institute of Meteorology deals with climate and climate change, agro-meteorology, boundary layer and environmental meteorology and radiation and is based on field experiments, model development and theoretical studies. The Institute has participated in and coordinates national and international research programmes, such as the Austrian climate research programme StartClim, and the EU projects SCOUT, STACCATO, VOTALP or CECILIA. BOKU personnel involved will be Helga Kromp-Kolb, Herbert Formayer.

Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp-Kolb: Head of the Institute of Meteorology (BOKU-Met) since 1995. Research interests: Climate change and environmental meteorology. Relevant research projects: Coordinator of the interdisciplinary StartClim programme “First analyses of extreme weather events and their impacts on Austria” (2003, 2004); ACCENT EU NoE (Member of Steering Committee on Public Information and Policy Support) ; STACCATO: Vertical Exchange in Troposphere and Stratosphere (EU-funded project, IP); VOTALPI and II - Vertical Ozone Transport in the Alps (EU-funded projects; Coordinator). Awards: Konrad Lorenz Environmental Award 1991; Austrian Scientist of the year 2005.

Dr. Herbert Formayer: Since 1998 researcher at BOKU-Met with the main research activities in regional climate analyses, downscaling of climate change scenarios for the alpine region and climate change impact studies.