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WP4 Deliverables

ACQWA_D.Science.12b: Impacts of CC on hydropower in the Alpine region

ACQWA_D.Science.13b: Impacts on tourism

ACQWA_D.Policy.1: Water distribution and allocation among sectors, vulnerabilities and policy alternatives

ACQWA_D.Policy.3: Options for adaptive capacity, policy and governance recommendations for each basin

ACQWA_D.Policy.5b: Finalised adaptive capacity, policy and governance recommendations for each basin

D.Policy.2: Identification of future water demands of the tourism sector. Collect data on current usage by tourists and by infrastructure (snow-making). Projection of future tourist population based on results of survey of choice and of future needs based on climate scenarios to predict future water demands 

D.Science.15b: Regional case studies for assessing impacts of changing water resources in non-European regions. Subdeliverable: Observed and simulated climate change in Argentina and Kyrgyzstan

D.Science.14: Pyrenean case study: Impacts of climatic and land use changes in water availability and management in the Mediterranean Mountains: The case of the Aragón river basin, Pyrenees.

D.Policy.5a: Consolidated scientific findings of key impacts of climate change on water resources, aquatic ecosystems and sectoral users

D.Science.11: Impacts on agriculture