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Newsletter no6: June 2012


1. New challenges in uncertain times

2. Large-scale circulation influence on summer temperature in the French and Swiss Rhone valleys and heatwaves intensity over the last 50 years

3. Impact on mountain forest ecosystems: Mountain forests in a +2C world

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Policy brief no2: December 2011


Climate Change and Land Use evolution in the Pyrenees: implications for water resources availability and management in the Ebro basin

by J.I Lopez-Moreno, S.M. Vicente-Serrano, E. Moran-Tejeda, J. Zabalza, J- Lorenzo-Lacruz, and J.M. Garcia-Ruiz

Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia, CSIC

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Newsletter no5: November 2011


1. Foreword by the Project Coordinator

2. Analysis of the climate change signal in the Alpine region until 2050

3. Uncertainty of Regional Climate Model Simulations in the Alpine Region

4. The future of hydroelectric power in a changing market

5. Snow cover monitoring in Kyrgyzstan through MODIS time series (2000-2010)

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Newsletter no4: April 2011


1. Foreword by the Project Coordinator and Director

2. Multimodel SuperEnsemble climatic scenarios

3. Climate change and biological diversity in alpine running water ecosystems.

4. Workshop on Science and Data Gaps in EU Water-Related Projects: a summary

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Policy brief no1: June 2010


Scientific scope of the ACQWA project

Policy-relevant issues within ACQWA

Policy-relevant research within ACQWA

Policy-relevant deliverables from ACQWA

ACQWA project partners

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